Open Source Cambodia, nine months in and going strong!

Continual efforts are being made to enhance and grow the project. Over the past 2 months we had a total of 1,600 downloads of the articles that we have created and posted in both Khmer and English. This increase in traffic indicates that more and more people are interested in the articles we have been creating, we are so pleased with this.

In an effort to branch out and begin helping other NGOs with their IT needs we took up a project with a school inthe Takeo province. Last Saturday (19/7/14) we went out to Sorya School ( which is situated in a provincial town below Phnom Penh to help them finish off a project that they had started but lost steam with due to a lack of technical knowledge. Thanks Golden Gekko one more time, in this case to support the transportation. For more information and some pictures of the project please visit:

With regards to our publications, we would like to announce that next week we will have a new amazing article: OpenLDAP Samba Integration. So far 17 pages in English have been translated into Khmer that explain step by step how to set up and share storage between computers using this technology. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Golden Gekko for supporting us with the translation.

Our collaborator base is still growing, we are getting bigger as an organisation and have contributors from many different countries now! So we are planning to set another meeting to see each other and to discuss soon. We are suggesting Thursday 31st, soon when we can confirm this we will announce it on our facebook page.


We have been hard at work since the launch of the Linux-Cambodia (now Open Source Cambodia) website in October. Regarding the publications, we uploaded 6 Khmer articles, resulting in more than 1.200 downloads. In order to promote the participation and encourage followers of Open Source Cambodia, the team led different presentations/workshops in BarCamp events in five cities with a total of 8 presentations. This also includes FOSS Asia (the biggest Open Source Event in Asia), where Open Source Cambodia was invited to present in the Fedora room.

In May, we will hold our first big workshop at the ITC (Institute of Technology of Cambodia). We have been working the last 2 months in order to create an 8 hour workshop for people passionate about Linux and Open source.

ITC and Tein4 are sponsoring the workshop event, which takes place over the course of a weekend. This event can bring new opportunities for Open Source Cambodia and will help its members continue improving their workshops.

The community is growing and more people can see the benefits of writing: We are publishing more articles, including those from people in Europe who are keen to support this type of project. A good example of this is the SSH Tips & Tricks article, submitted to us from Holland. Thanks a lot Douwe Kiela.

Thanks to Golden Gekko support, we can continue running Khmer publications, one of the main objectives of Open Source Cambodia.

Now it is easier to know what is going on in OSC:

  • Open Source Cambodia General Roadmap:
  • Open Source Cambodia Events Roadmap:
  • Open Source Cambodia Articles Roadmap:
  • Email list:

OSCAM involvement in FOSSASIA

FOSSASIA 2014 (Free and Open Source Software Asia) is coming and Open Source Cambodia won’t miss it. From the 28th of February until the 2nd of March OSCAM of course will be there. We will have the opportunity to participate in this International Event and give a talk among other experienced professionals promoting the advantages of the Open Source use.

Norton University hosts the event during these three days where we will enjoy talks and workshops about Mobile Solutions, Web Technologies, Linux Operating Systems, Open Education and Open Map solutions.

We are amazed by the idea of the participation in this event! We can’t wait to go! Join us!

More info:

18th February event review

Yesterday we celebrated an event in Toul Kork which main goal was expanding the network. It took place from 6pm to 8pm in a very familiar ambient. We presented the project successfully to the attendants and we had the opportunity to receive back some valued ideas regarding the strategy, promotion and sustainability of the project.

After two hours meeting all participants generated a very good participatory discussion. We shared our Linux knowledge and different points of view about the project which is absolutely rewarding in order to become more effective. The interested participants are now involved in Open Source Cambodia and we will go back to all of them soon.

Linux-Cambodian expanding its network

Linux-Cambodia is pleased to inform you that we are planning to organize a gathering on Tuesday 18th of February. We would like to share the expectations of the project for 2014 and strengthen our networking hearing suggestions and advices from your side.

We will have the opportunity to discuss about the project motivations, difficulties faced, technology challenges and other interests. We will share some time together exchanging experiences and ideas.

If you are not yet involved in the project and you are curious about it, don´t miss it! You will have the opportunity to know further about us.

We look forward to seeing you all there!





When: Tuesday February 18th

Time: 6:00PM

Duration: 1 hour

Where: No. 17 Street 604, Toul Kork District, Phnom Penh

Localtion website:



Linux-Cambodia call for collaborators

Are you a professional of Open Source and not yet involved in Linux Cambodia project? Are you designer or translator and also want to cooperate with other professionals? Do you like the participatory project? You are the person that we are looking for!

Linux-Cambodia is constantly trying to improve the quality of the products and the interaction with the followers and participants. Due to the increasing amount of received articles, we plan to strengthen the quality control process. Based on this motivation, we have analyzed some needs regarding the creation process and now we are aware that we will be more efficient if we will have in our team some new professional profiles. Those profiles that we are looking for are:

  • Authors, are the main pillar of LC writing articles and sharing their knowledge and experience.

  • Technical Senior, is the one who considers the appropriation of the topic and proposes first corrections and improvements.

  • Translators, who translates either in Khmer into English or viceversa.

  • Designer, is the one in charge of the template adaptation and allocation on the website.

If you are interested in being involved with Linux-Cambodia and other young professionals Cambodians, and you consider that you have the proper skills for covering these positions, please, send an email application to us to the following email address: info at dot com

You will be more than welcomed!


Linux-Cambodia team would like to take advantage of the beginning of this New Year to summarize what we did in 2013 and our previsions and objectives for 2014.

Since we launched the Linux Cambodia website in October until the end of the year 2013, we worked hard to make it happen. The last three months of the year were very intense. Regarding the publications, we uploaded four Khmer articles, three of them were translated into English, having almost 400 hundreds downloads in total. All these articles passed a quality control check previous to the publication.

In order to promote the participation and encourage the followers of LC, our team led different workshops in BarCamp events in three cities: Battambang 25th May, where the tittle of the workshop was “Open Source for everybody. Introduction to GNU/Linux”, Phnom Penh 19th October, where we presented the project and showed some details about the website development. Apart from that, we promoted the registration on it among motivated Cambodians. The third event took place in Sihanoukville 7th December. Our team presented the project there as well as discovering the importance of Open Source professional articles and report reading/analysis among the university attendants. In total, more than 150 people attended to these talks.

Additional to students, international and national researchers were involved. Networking was one of the main goals for LC in 2013. Successfully the LC team presented the project to organizations and educational institutions such as Open Institute NGO and Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

To strengthen the brand awareness process, promotional materials were distributed in all these events. Branded logo, stickers and T-shirts were carefully designed and printed. Even a TUX mascot was created to attract distracted attendants.

Considering that the dissemination of LC successes and achievements is essential, we have activated our social media through our Facebook fan page.

These last achievements are motivating to make positive 2014 New Year resolutions. One of the main challenges is keep collecting articles and reports in English and Khmer. Be able to offer to all LC followers professional and high standard contents. In the case that at the end of the year we have enough of them, we would like to plan a publication of a printed version of LC. It would be possible with the collaboration of our current participants, new writers and partners.

On the other hand, 2014 is offering LC opportunities to again meet national and international researchers to continue to grow together. We will arrange meetings, workshops and training with organizations and educational institutions during the following months. We are willing to meet new participants and partners. In order to achieve this, we will strengthen the communication channels and use effective social media tools.

Regarding the website development, the constant improvement of the website is one of the main goals. We expect to have the platform ready to connect the mobile applications to make LC more accessible to everyone.

Last but not least, in order to assure the sustainability of the project, we will work hard to find any kind of financial support and sponsorship along the year.


After several months of hard work, Linux-Cambodia (LC) is now available in Cambodia for all those passionate for Technology and Open source. Created by specialists in computing, design and communications, LC is a non-profit online platform based on exchange and learning that supports Open Software and promotes its concepts and ideas. This common space is born based on the belief that learning is a basic right and is essential for the professional and personal development of every individual.

The first initiative launched within this project is the creation of Open Articles. LC aims to promote knowledge exchange by giving the opportunity to all participants to write articles on any chosen topic related to Open Source. According to the philosophy of LC, collaborating with this network of specialists will bring professional category and experience to the writers. They will become a source of knowledge which will be recognized broadly, and consecuently they will open undiscovered paths to new opportunities.

We will be participating in the Bar Camp in Phnom Penh on the 19th and 20th of October, where we will present the project to the public in order to share ideas and hear proposals and expectations among all participants. All geeks, curious and random participants will be very welcome. We will be very excited to see you there!


Twenty-two years ago a free operating system was born. its name was LINUX. Its founder, Linus Torvalds, developed it as a hobby. More than one decade after, this project becomes the symbol of the Open Source revolution.

Nowadays Linux dominates mobile (Android), servers and the cloud. Companies invest nowadays hundreds of millions in this successful operative system and in Open Source.

Linux just turned 22 and it is the perfect example of how something small can turn into something big with passion and dedication