How to Write

Why to write?

A group of professionals have identified that young Cambodians share concerns about new technologies and Open Source. A common interest brougth them together and after months of work, Open Magazine was born. This is a project within the frame of Open Source Cambodia. Open Magazine is therefore created following their motivation, their ideals and thanks to their committment and team work.

How to write?

This magazine is mainly created based on your support and participation. We have developed a guiding document for you in case you are interested in joining us and expanding your network. This document includes a template that you can fill in with the content of your article.

Download English or khmer version.

Send your proposals and/or articles to:

Sample how to use the template

In addition, we have recorded a video as a tutorial. It is available for you in order to make the process simple and accessible. It will help you to understand how to present it.

Download English or Khmer template.